Used Apparel Store

General Description

1. Any BABY can upload his or her used garments at their convenience using our store platform.

2. If you do not wish to participate in any other service, you can

still apply to access only our Garment Store.

3. YESBABY does not collect a percentage of these private sales.

4. To post each clothing ad is only $5.

5. If you remove an ad before the item sells, you get your $5 back.

6. Posting multiple ads of similar products can be combined into a 

collection. YESBABY takes care of this for you automatically. 

7. You can read more about How to Post a Collection here

8. Many of our services enable our models to sell their garments

directly to their customers while completing their other services.

We call these "Pre-Sold Garments." 

9. Pre-Sold Garments still have to go through our system to make

shipping easy to track for both YESBABY and customers, but we

do not charge you for these ads.

10. All you need to do to post a Pre-Sold Ad is to show us the payment you received from the customer directly. Once we approve it, you can simply post a basic ad with a photo of the garment and ship it as normal. 

YESBABY Gives You the Freedom to...

1. Control every aspect of the sale to meet your unique specifications.

2. Only sell to countries that you prefer.

3. Price each garment as you like & adjust details at any time.

4. Use our platform and customer base to grow your own clientele. 

As long as BABIES adhere to our terms of service,

they are free to use our store platform as often as preferred.

Compensation, Shipping, & Details

When selling your used garments on YESBABY's platform,

you make 100% of any & all compensation

you earn for the sale of your goodies.

Shipping rates are usually determined by your return

address automatically. BABIES are responsible for packaging and

shipping items, however, we do not want our BABIES

shipping from their home addresses for safety concerns.

Instead, please mark all return addresses as:

YESBABY Garment Sales

3731 w South Jordan Parkway

STE 102-251

South Jordan, UT 84009

If packages are returned to sender, we will be in contact

with you in due time with a remedy to the error.

Always ship items in plain packaging and NEVER include

verbiage relating to YESBABY. Customers generally

prefer discrete shipping options.

BABIES can sell the following used garments:

-Panties & Garters

-Bras & Bralettes

-Stockings, Socks, & Pantyhose

-Lingerie, Bodysuits, & Multi-Piece Sets

Please do not post ads for anything other than 

these items and please do not ship items that

were not specifically listed on the ad you posted.


We're workin' on it!

Please check back later.