Natalie Michelsen

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Natalie is hard-working, determined, and intelligent. She uses these skills in everything she sets out to accomplish. Natalie prides herself on the quality of her work and never lets a project go unfinished.

Work History

Upwork - Web Developer

September 2020 to Present

I am a freelance web designer on Upwork while searching for something more permanent.


YESBABY - Business Operations Developer

Septemeber 2017 to August 2020

1. Developed a comprehensive business plan for a start-up company that matched the company vision and accounted for all necessary future goals.
2. Worked to develop that business plan into a reality. This included:

      - Acquiring legal support to draft user and contractor legal agreements
      - Reaching out to potential vendors to form long-term contracts
      - Meeting time requirements for business goals and production of the websites
3. Worked as a team to build several websites that allowed our application to function seamlessly.
4. Attended to marketing needs, including conducting market research whenever necessary.
5. Provisioned new roles while overseeing the legal requirements for each position.
6. Acted as a liaison between the backend (technical) and the frontend (business).
7. Implemented all business (legal) requirements into the technical side of the project.
8. Authored the company's mission statement and outlined core company values.
9. Managed artwork production, including themes and details for each piece.

10. Improved my education to be a better team member and to better the project overall.

Verizon Business (VZB) - Business & Government Account Manager

January to July 2017

1. Attended to sensitive Government Accounts and Business Accounts, personally managing these higher-profile accounts.
2. Worked with any customers long-term that required extra attention or were experiencing a continuous account issue.
3. Worked to sign-on new Business and Government customers whenever the opportunity presented itself.
4. Worked alongside other internal departments to ensure top-quality, long-term customer care.

Parris RV - Front Office Executive

August 2014 to November 2016


1. Soley managed the company's CRM system, ensuring all customers were taken care of throughout the entire purchase process.
2. Continuously updated or improved internal systems and processes to ensure the most efficient work environment possible.
3. Improved Organizational Systems for filing, record keeping, and correspondence.
4. Directly managed all front desk operations and all front desk staff.
5. Acted as a company-wide liaison, ensuring all teams were able to work together and communicate effectively.
6. Managed all mild to moderate customer complaints, escalating them to higher management when seldom necessary.
7. Trained all new receptionists and cashiers.
8. Created new inter-office materials as needed for operations improvements, such as:
      - Forms for every departmental need
      - How-To Binders and Instructional Sheets
      - A consistently up-to-date Company Phonebook
      - A company-wide monthly Newsletter intended to brighten the work environment
9. Acted as an assistant to the company owner and to the controller.
10. Provided constant technical and logistical support to the sales team.
11. Provided company-wide technical support for computers, phones, laptops, printers, software systems, and much more.
12. Completed daily A/R tasks on behalf of the controller, including managing the ledger.


- Web Development                                             - Customer Account Management

  - Business Development & Strategy                        - Employee Training & Management

    - Business Planning & Improvement                       - Customer Experience & Satisfaction

      - Customer Relationship Management CRM             - Market Research & Product Development

Education & Certifications

University of Utah Coding Bootcamp Full Stack Developer - Certificate

January to September 2020