Why doesn't YESBABY deal with PORNOGRAPHY?

There are several reasons why YESBABY does not condone, sell, market, associate

with, or support pornography. These reasons include:

  1. Pornography desensitizes viewers to sex, intimacy, love, and pleasure. 

  2. Pornography eliminates the desire for emotional intimacy, which causes long-term negative side effects. 

  3. Pornography encourages taboo and illicit sexual activity

  4. Pornography causes confusion and misunderstandings to viewers who have never had sex before.

  5. Pornography exploits minority groups and female participants

  6. Pornography encourages the ongoing epidemic of human trafficking and even worse, child trafficking

  7. Pornography hurts children who view the material, either accidentally or by it being shown to them. 

  8. Pornography is unregulated, can contain any material, and is therefore dangerous

  9. Pornography encourages the spread of sexual infections and diseases. 

  10. Pornography is not personal and therefore makes sexual acts seem as they should be impersonal

  11. Pornography puts young participants (models) at risk of life-long repercussions

  12. Pornography undeniably causes addiction

But YESBABY still offers a Live Webcam Service. What's the difference?

A Live Webcam Service is entirely different in substance from pornography. Here's why:

  1. Live Webcams keeps sensitive responses sensitive because the interaction is always personal.

  2. Live Webcams increases the desire for emotional intimacy and can even promote healthier social interaction.

  3. YESBABY Live Webcams discourages taboo and harmful sexual activity.

  4. Live Webcams clarifies confusion and misunderstandings to viewers who have never had sex before. Because the interaction is live, viewers are able to have a legitimate conversation with their model and ask questions if they come up.

  5. YESBABY Live Webcams empowers minority groups and female participants.

  6. YESBABY Live Webcams is committed to ending the ongoing epidemic of human trafficking and the even worse crime of child trafficking.

  7. YESBABY Live Webcams takes every precaution to prevent children from viewing the material, either accidentally or by it being shown to them.

  8. Live Webcams are highly regulated and the material must be live-monitored to ensure legalities are being observed.

  9. Live Webcams simply cannot spread sexual infections or diseases because the contact is not in-person.

  10. Live Webcams are live interaction between two or more willing participants. Because it is 100% in-the-moment and the viewer is actively participating, it retains a personal value.

  11. Live Webcams empowers young participants (models) through education and encouragement. Webcam Models own their own businesses and set their own schedules. No one tells a Webcam Model what to and what not to do. This is vastly different from the reality of porn models.

  12. Live Webcams do not cause addiction. Viewers statistically do not access webcams as often as they would pornography.

Ultimately, YESBABY obviously condones online sexual interaction.

We simply believe this should be done correctly, where no participants are exploited or put in danger's way.

YESBABY knows that there needs to be some service available that satisfies this need.

We do not believe this service is pornography. We do believe this service is, for some, Live Webcams.

View our Live Webcams.

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