Live Stream Webcam Models

& Pole Dancers

Job Description
Compensation & Details

YESBABY gives you the freedom to:

1. Control every aspect of the sale to meet your unique specifications 

2. Only sell to countries that you prefer

3. Price each garment as you like & adjust details at any time

As long as BABIES adhere to our terms of service,

they are free to use our store platform as often as preferred.

Operators can set their own minute rates.

YESBABY recommends setting the rate at no less than

$3/minute, but depending on your area you can decide to adjust

your rate accordingly. Rates may go as high as $14/minute.

Moels and Dancers collect 74.6% of every dollar earned,

after paying the third-party processing fee.

Tips earned from optional customer tokens payout 100%.

As a reminder, we split the adult-entertainment

specific processing fee 50/50 with our BABIES.

We think it is fair to not only split the cost but to

also inform you that the cost exists. 

Many other adult entertainment companies simply

do not mention this fee and just take your earnings

to cover the costs. This is why YESBABY is the highest

paying company in the industry.


We're workin' on it!

Please check back later.