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Our privacy promise here at YESBABY ensures that your information always remains completely confidential.

All customer information is stored electronically and is encrypted with the highest level of protection for further security.

Additionally, only YESBABY's administrator has access to sensitive customer data such as names, addresses, emails, and birthdays. 

This means only a handful of people ever see your data, and you have the assurance that it will always be secure and encrypted to the highest level.

Right down to the way we process payment, we have taken the greatest lengths to ensure our little secret stays 100% between friends.


We never automatically record calls at YESBABY.

  • If, however, a BABY feels threatened in any way or is being harassed by a customer, they always reserve the right to selectively record sections of a call or video chat by dialing a special code on their device. If this happens, the customer will immediately hear a recorded voice alerting them to the fact that they are being recorded from that point forward.​

  • If a BABY feels threatened in any way or is being harassed by a customer, they always reserve the right to report the customer to YESBABY management and to block the individual from further contact. If this happens, the situation will be evaluated by YESBABY management in order to determine the full scope of what occurred.

In order to avoid any disputes, we simply ask that customers remain polite and respectful while using our services.

  • YESBABY does not tolerate harassment of any kind and illegal or rude behavior.

  • YESBABY is committed to a safe and friendly environment for both customers and BABIES.

  • Customers or BABIES who violate this policy can be banned.

  • YESBABY takes claims of harassment or conflict very seriously and will investigate any and all claims as thoroughly as necessary.

Click here to report abuse.