Natalie Michelsen

(801) 556-4642

September 14, 2020 


Draper, Utah

(833) 878-3967

Dear Hiring Manager, 

I have been looking forward to an opportunity to apply for a position with your company for some time now. A friend of mine, Tyler Nelson, has been employed at Truework for six months and has an abundance of positive experiences to share. This type of attitude is both refreshing and inspiring to see. I have also been afforded the luxury of having the time to look into positions within the company for some time now. This process has left me feeling completely confident in my appraisal: Truework seems like a great company. I saw the ideal position open up and knew immediately that I wanted to strive towards it.

I believe that I am qualified for the Operations Specialist position based on the following criteria:

1. I have, in two past positions, improved upon existing start-up operations in such a way that bettered the process of the overall system. This ongoing task improved both the employee and customer experience.

2. I meet all of the required qualifications as if they were describing me personally.

3. I can manage myself and others while attending to multiple tasks at once.

4. I make a habit of exceeding expectations by working hard and being highly innovative. 

5. I am exceedingly proactive, often having things completely before they become necessary.

For the past three years, I have been working as the Operations Developer for a Nevada-based entertainment company. This role required me to branch out of my comfort zone significantly, requiring me to acquire legal aid and forge brand-new company policies. It was a part of the legal duties to create new positions within the company to fill vital holes in their employment practices. I acted as a direct contact for all new vendors, very often successfully striking deals to better the position of the company. As for our marketing strategy, I conducted a vast amount of research to better understand the market they were trying to penetrate. Additionally, I managed our personal artist and all pieces produced for the advertising. The high level of networking required for this position was something I was absolutely not used to, but something I improved greatly at over time. 


Before that, I managed high profile customer accounts with Verizon and was a Front Office Executive for a local RV business. For the latter position, I improved system processes whenever necessary during business hours running as usual. Without this consistent special attention, several internal processes could have been overlooked and therefore overran as time went on. The company was incredibly busy throughout any given day, this led to employees taking the brute force of any systems slowing. Dealing in RV sales, this meant very angry customers which were not good for business. If improving system processes produced a better working environment for all employees and a faster sales process for our customers, then I was the first person in line to make that happen. 

I would appreciate your taking the time to review my presented materials and get back to me with an assessment. I look forward to further discussing my experience and qualifications with you. You may reach me either by telephone or email, as listed above. 

Kindest regards, 




Natalie Michelsen

4521 Daybreak Rim Way

South Jordan, Utah 84009