Customer Frequently Asked Questions

Professional Companion

What is a Professional Companion?

A Professional Companion is paid to be the exact girlfriend or boyfriend you are looking for. The service is carried out via email, phone calls, instant messages, picture exchange, etc. and the rate of communication is controlled by the customer. You can communicate specific desires to your Professional Companion, and it is their sole purpose to deliver on those requests. This service is perfect for flirting, fantasy exploration, dating advice or practice, intimate conversation, and sexual excitement. Hiring a Professional Companion is ideal for anyone who: 1. Is fed up with playing the games associated with other types of intimate or even basic adult services. 2. Is looking to use their precious time wisely while meeting all of their fantasies and desires. 3. Wants a deep connection and a great time with absolutely no stress or commitment. This service should not be confused with Escort Services or Call Services.

Can I meet my Professional Companion in-person?

Whether or not you meet your Professional Companion in-person is up to your Professional Companion. YESBABY's mission statement does not allow for this service to be confused with Escort Services. The purpose of the service is for companionship, intimacy, friendship, or as a general dating expereince tuned to the user's unique preferences. We do not currently and will never exchange in-person contact for money. Consult your personal Professional Companion as to whether or not they wish to develope a more private relationship and a less professional one.

Is the Professional Companion Service the same as an Escort Service?

No. YESBABY does not offer any type of Escort Service because the practice violates our core beliefs. We came up with the solution of the Professional Companions to replace the need for Escort Services.

Why are the prices different for every Companion?

Our Professional Companions set their own rates and some offer a more extensive set of services than others. To find the PC who is perfect for you, you can take our Professional Companion Questionnaire.

What is the website for Professional Companions?

The website is

Intimate Phone Chat

How do I purchase minutes?

Am I supposed to purchase minutes before calling the Intimate Phone Chat line?

Can I dial an extension to get the operator I want?

What if the operator I want is busy or not on the line at the time I want to chat?

What is the website for Intimate Phone Chat?

The website is


Are all items on this site new?

All items sold and shipped from are brand new.

Do you keep stock of all/most items?

YESBABY keeps stock all items through a third-party dropshipper. All items ship from the US pending the user's preferences. We ship to most countries, if your country is not listed as an option you can reach out to us at with the subject line "YESBABY Market Shipping."

What should I do if I am dissatisfied with a purchase from YESBABY Market?

We love to hear your feedback. Please reach out to us by calling (844) 777-3112 or by emailing us at with the subject line "YESBABY Market Order # _______." We should respond within one business day.

What if I need to return an item for any reason?

We accept returns within a 60-day window for some items, however, due to the sentive nature of most of our items, returns are not acceptable for everything sold on YESBABY Market. Each item shoul indicate whether or not it is eligable for returns. If you have more questions about returns, please email us at with the subject line "YESBABY Market Returns."

What is the website for YESBABY Market?

The website is

Used Garments Store

Are items shipped straight from the model who sold them?

Yes. All models are responsible for thie own garments and for shipping their sold garments. All garments are packaged with care and shipped in discrete packaging. All receipts and shipping info come directly from YESBABY to the email you provided. Check your junk or spam folder if you are missing an email. All packages will have the same return address for privacy and safety reasons.

Can I request garments be worn a specific amount of time?

Absolutely. Most items already listed on Used Garments Store can be worn more to your specifications, this is determined by the model selling the garment. Additionally, if you have a favorite model you purchase from, you can directly request that they wear a garment for any number of days. Ask your favorite model for their details!

Can I buy straight from my favorite model without using the YESBABY Used Garment Store platform?

Yes! If you are working closely with a favorite model and want to buy garments directly from them, simply ask and they will take it from there. Your model knows how to properly document all outside sales and will even be able to provide you with a tracking number for your items after they ship. You will receive a receipt and shipping info just as you would when buying from the Used Garment Store.

What if I need to return a garment for any reason?

We accept returns within a 14-day window for most items. Each item shoul indicate whether or not it is eligable for returns. This is usually determined by the model who is selling the garment. If you have more questions about returns, please email us at with the subject line "YESBABY Used Garment Returns."

What should I do if I am dissatisifed with a Used Garment purchase?

We love to hear your feedback. Please reach out to us by calling (844) 777-3112 or by emailing us at with the subject line "YESBABY Used Garment Order # _______." We should respond within one business day.

What is the website for the Used Garments Store?

The website is

General Information

Countries We Service:



United Kingdom

United States of America

More coming very soon!

Why are all of YESBABY's services on different websites?

YESBABY offers a wide range of services and not all of them cater to the same type of desire. We strategicly split up and categorized our offerings to diversively meet the requests of any individual, but also to do so in an organized manner. All of our sites link to each other in the footer area as to make the transition from one service or site to another fast and effortless.

I don't see my country listed. Can I still use YESBABY?

We are currently working to expand the number of countries that we cater to, however some countries will likely never be listed here. To inquire more specifically, please contact our Info Department at

How can I be sure my information will stay private if I use more than one service?

All of YESBABY's site technology are encrypted and secured on external drives. Furthermore, only our Security Department has access to this data so that in any case no more than a few people will ever know you visited YESBABY, yourself included.

I had troubles joining YESBABY.

YESBABY Cams & Live Pole Dancers

Why do you also offer Live Pole Dancers in addition to regular Cam Models?

I experienced slow connection or lag in video quality during a show.

My model's webcam was producing low quality video stream.

I accidentally tipped a model more tokens than I wanted to.

Why are all models priced at different rates?

We allow our models to set their own rates based on their individual experience levels and the variety of their content. Because of this, our model rates can vary anywhere between $3/minute to $14/minute.

What is the website for Live Cams & Pole Dancers?

The website is