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Let's face it - Dating Can Sometimes Suck

Being single, now that can be fun. It's the "trying to find a partner" part of it that tends to negate all the opportunities of being single.

Anyone who has been "out there" can agree, it is hard to dabble through the muck of failed courtships, awkward encounters, and the stress of presenting your best self to the world - hoping that it will bring some return on investment. 

What if it were just plain and simple?

With all of the advancements in dating technology over the past

decade,  why are people still having such a difficult

time making connections that last or ones that make

them happy long-term

We live in a time where you can find a date within

a few hours of starting a search for one, but also in a

time where divorce rates are still high, and marriage

rates are actually decreasing steadily with divorce rates.

We aren't saying that marriage should necessarily

be the end-goal of any given relationship, but rather

that the traits that embody any successful marriage should.

These traits include:

1. Trust

2. Respect

3. Happiness

4. Intimacy

5. Love

Among others. YESBABY has set out with a goal to spread

these positive traits to all relationships, simply because they

genuinely do make the world a better place to live in

and be a part ofBecause we are forerunners of a better

adult experience, we want the same philosophy to apply to

long-term, serious relationships.